brake hub

brake hub
fren göbegi

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  • brake — [1] To slow down a vehicle. [2] The mechanism that converts motion (kinetic energy) into heat energy through friction. The most common instance is found in the wheels of cars where the brake shoes or disc pads are designed to press against the… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

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  • hub brake — /ˈhʌb breɪk/ (say hub brayk) noun a brake which operates on the hub of a wheel …  

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  • brake drum — /ˈbreɪk drʌm/ (say brayk drum) noun the steel or cast iron drum attached to the wheel hub or propeller shaft of a motor vehicle, etc., against which the brake lining is forcefully applied to arrest its turning when the brake is operated …  

  • brake drum — mechanism of a vehicle attached to the wheel hub or transmission shaft which aids in braking movement of a vehicle …   English contemporary dictionary

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